Open spaces lovers, looking for misplacement in the void, in search of fullness or smallness in the desert immensity, nothing is better than a several days trek to enrich oneself amongst the Mauritanian dunes. It is a more or less 55 miles walk that awaits the adventurers for 5 days. The calm without any living comparison of these landscapes contrasts with the total hostility this environment offers. The merit and self-satisfaction you will earn from this experience can only be reinforced by the efforts made throughout these days. The dunes stretching out of sight, the landscapes that scroll and almost never look like each other, in its immensity and its apparent monotony, the Sahara finally offers a true diversity and the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. After the walking effort, comes the comfort of the bivouac, a pure moment of conviviality between the travellers who share their impressions, their feelings and a few little stories that punctuated the day.

It is also an opportunity to learn how to prepare and bake bread in the hot sand, start a fire with dried wood spines, to set a tent in a sandstorm, to drink the water of an oasis after having believed in mirage, sinking to the waist in a dune, meet nomadic merchants in the middle of nowhere, discover or rediscover your physical and psychological limits, develop reflexion, introspection and unconsciously delve into meditation, etc. A trek in the Mauritanian desert is definitely an incomparable experience that no one leaves unchanged !

But pitching the tent in the desert does necessarily imply hiking in the middle of the dunes! You can also play Stephane Peterhansel aboard a 4×4 and drive along the mythical routes of Paris Dakar. Whole tours in 4×4 are proposed to the less reckless to face the desert aridity only armed with their shoes and strength of character. During these tours some nights will be spent in meticulously selected hostels and others in bivouacs in the middle of nature.

Finally, the last opportunity to discover the unique scent and spirit of the bivouac in the desert is to make this camel trek an expedition called meharée (dromedary ride). This will surely be an unforgettable experience in the extreme travel conditions of the legendary merchants of Western Sahara.

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    I am Marc from Spain, i am coming to Chinguety the next 23th of February, for 3-4 days,
    I am interestes in making a tryp by camel or 4×4 in the desert, and spending a nice time.
    I would like to see the posibilities and prices.
    I travel alone, and basically i amb looking for a modest tryp,

    Waiting to see posibilities

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