Before being the capital city of the country in 1956, Nouakchott only was a simple military camp in the early 20th century even if it already was a well-known crossroads for the local nomad populations or for the explorers such as Antoine de Saint-Exupery who landed his famous Aéropostale plane over there.

It is around the ksar (little fort) that erected the city in the late 50’s following the work of the French architect André Lecomte. Indeed, this place is a central point in the country, creating a link between the Northern White Moors and the Black African populations of the South while it remained close enough to the ocean with a relatively temperate climate compared to the other bigger cities lost in the desert.

After having experienced an exponential demographic growth, the city now gather almost 30% of the entire country population and offers every traveller a real immersion in an African capital. One of the main attractions remains the local and traditional handicraft. The Saint-Exupéry cultural center is fully dedicated to it and you you will quickly find out that it is literally possible to buy everything at a very cheap price (jewels, sculptures, clothes, rugs, fabrics…)

Gastronomy is also in the spotlight and offers delicious a mix of desert products (camel meat and milk), seafood (roasted lobsters) and local cereals (millet and sorghum).

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    Three people – English speaking. Would like a day (8 hour) tour in and around Nouakchott. Is there enough to do for a full day ? Please provide ideas. This is for the coming weekend. Either Saturday, 16 March or Sunday, 17 March. What is cost including a nice lunch ?

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